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Practical Career Mentoring from Pennsylvania

I started Channing Resumes in Horsham, Pennsylvania, with more than 20 years of experience as a career mentor. As a certified resume writer and job coach, I have helped many people update their resumes and interview with success. Give me the pleasure of assisting you with your professional goals through career mentoring in Pennsylvania.


"Linda created a professionally crafted resume based on my old one and a questionnaire. She then followed up with an interview to tweak and hone the process. She then gave me a final copy, in many formats, along with a sample cover letter."

"There are other resume services out there on the Internet, but most are faceless and factory-like, whereas Linda's personal approach helped to make my resume stand out. My resume is up to date and I no longer have any reservations about sending out my resume, knowing that it's now up to date and has the professional look and content needed to help me obtain the employment I'm seeking in today's competitive job market."—Richard, Accountant/Controller in the Hotel Industry

"I contacted Channing Resumes to inquire about the services and received an email response from Linda Channing within a few hours describing how the service works. When I sent her my resume, I had a draft within 24 hours. "

"There were some changes that I wanted to make, so I called the company and spoke to Linda Channing to discuss some changes. After that, I received the next resume including all of the changes that I discussed earlier. "

"After approving the final draft, I was emailed a final copy in 3 formats (.doc, PDF, and .txt) and a sample cover letter and thank you letter. Overall it was an excellent experience and I will go back to Channing Resumes in the future."—Scott, Systems Engineer

"I highly recommend Linda and Linda worked with me to edit and update my resume. It was a wonderful process to go through. The transformation to my resume was amazing. "In this highly competitive world, it's always good to have your resume updated, even if not actively job searching. If you know anyone who can use these types of services, Linda comes highly recommended. Also, for you new college graduates, she transformed my son's resume in just a few drafts!"—Melani, Program Manager, Global Events

"One of the hardest things I have had to do recently is update my resume. I asked myself, 'How do I express my accomplishments without seeming too self-promoting and show that I am current with today's ways of communicating?' 'How do I grab a reader with my headline and brand paragraphs so they will want to read on?' 'How do I reduce my working life to two pages?'

"Linda got me going. She motivated me and gave me hints. We got the job done together."

"I am so happy about the results. I have a resume that I am proud to use. I highly recommend Linda to you."
Nancy, Ph.D., MBA, Strategic Senior Marketing Professional